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Re: Unable to connect to EA servers - Retry

by Tronur89

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Unable to connect to EA servers - Retry

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Hi! Ever since Saturday 8th of June, I have not been able to connect to EA servers when trying to play Apex Legends.


I have attempted a lot of suggested fixes. Some exampels:


- Data center, change server with 0 pack loss and low ping.

- Reset ip.

- Reinstall game and origin.

- Clear DNS cache, as well as run cc cleaner and antivirus.

- Running game as administrator


None of the suggested solutions have worked and I am dumbfounded on what to do about this.


Leading up to the problem, all I did was play a couple games on Friday evening 7th of June. However with the lag issues going on I decided to stop playing for the time being. Following on Saturday I tried to log in, when the error message showed for the first time. 


I did search for easy troubleshooting, and on one of the EA sites they mentioned checking internet connection (I'm logged in on origin launcher and using browser, no fault there) Or to check my e-mail if I have gotten banned. I have not seen any e-mail telling me I am banned, never cheated on any online game - I am ruling this out.


The only few suggestion I have left right now is to; reset my router and try another origin account. I will attempt these as I am waiting for responses.


Hope to hear, from anyone really, soon.


- Thank you for reading.

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Re: Unable to connect to EA servers - Retry

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Hello again!


I have now resolved my issue!


REJOICE anyone getting this problem as well. All I did was reset the router and I got in....


A really odd yet effective fix.

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