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Unable to Purchase (Gift) Apex Legends - Lifeline Edition

by Sinflamez

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Unable to Purchase (Gift) Apex Legends - Lifeline Edition

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I cannot seem to purchase Apex Legends - Lifeline Edition as a gift for my friend. I have gone through EA's help online chat and tried all manner of things; from using a different network to make the purchase, to using a different laptop, to using a different card. However, all efforts come up with the same error "Your action cannot be processed That didn't work, let's try again. If the problem persists you may want to use a different payment method or try again later." Strangely enough, I can purchase Apex Coins for myself. Me and my friend are in the same country, and the EA's help online chat live team redirected me here saying there was nothing they could do about it. Is anyone else running into a similar issue? 

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