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Apex Legends constant crashes xbox one

by Rampage-X2

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Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error

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Everytime I que up to go into a game, it loads me then kicks me out and says "Unable to connect to EA Servers - Try for more help" when I search that link, it takes me to a FIFA 18 help page that has nothing at all to do with my issue because its an XBOX help page.


Please help, I can play like 1 game and get this error every time after.

Ive ran both Origins and Apex in Admin (When I ran in admin, i got 1 game before i got error, without admin i get error every time.

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Re: Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error

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i got this kind of error too.


5 minutes play, or in mid game clash it's just freeze then bring me to the lobby with 'unable to connect to ea server' text.


I'm using phone USB tethering with wifi as the source of the connection. I'm trying to open blocked website on my phone but it can't.

When i try it on my computer, it can open (the blocked website).


When i using other connection the game play like a normal, the problem is, like my 'only' computer can access blocked website like when i'm using vpn. But when i check to my vpn, it's already turned off. The problem is on my computer i think.

Maybe origin can detect that thing and forcefully kick me from the server.



it's looks like the ISP problem, but i think i need to know what's going on here before telling them what's my problem is. Any solution ?


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Re: Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error

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@OxidationElite  @aryaford_xD 


Try checking out the steps in these links below. They fix connectivity issues for most players. It's also worth logging into your router's admin panel to see if you have a firmware update waiting to be installed. Keep us updated on what helped or if you still need assistance!


Basic Connection Troubleshooting


Port Forwarding


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Re: Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error

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Happened to me at release, forgot this game and logged in two days ago, same error


It's not going to be fixed on your side, and maybe it's never going to be fixed. Titanfall 2 worked before just fine and now it does the same. It's Respawn's/EA's fault. Come back in a year.apex gameplay.png

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Apex Legends constant crashes xbox one

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For the last 4-5 days I cannot play a game without it crashing back to login page with an error of 'cannot connect to ea servers' check my internet connection etc.

Check my speed and its 220mbs.. upload is 12mbs.

The high ping is constantly showing when I get into any game and then it freezes randomly but usually early on in a game.

I've uninstalled apex, reset xbox, reset router, LAN cabled the xbox also but it's not fixing it.

Anyone know of any way to fix this? Was happening pre the latest patch so isnt that.

Just want to play the game but cant anymore

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Having trouble connecting to your game?

Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game.

Troubleshoot and test your connection


Forget your EA Account ID or password?

Reset, update, or link your account information.

View More on EA Help