UNDER INVESTIGATION - The Application Encountered An Unrecoverable Error

by 0n10n5

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UNDER INVESTIGATION - The Application Encountered An Unrecoverable Error

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Im not getting the same issues as most seem to be getting, but i still can not launch the game.

every time i try i get an error saying "The application encountered an unrecverable error"

have tried all the solutions from the other problems but no luck.
the game just wont launch at all

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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Under investigation. Accepting as solution for visibility purposes only.


Hey all, 


This issue is being tracked by the FIFA team at the moment, in the meantime I'll be using this post to highlight community sourced workarounds:

@Franz995 wrote:

I solved by deactivating Rivatuner, try to deactivate other overlays such as Nvidia's or Origin's or others.

@Aerilon wrote:

After so many hours, I have finally discovered the fix to this issue!


Firstly you'd want to do this:


Program Files > EA > AC > EAAntiCheat.Installer


Open that, and there'll be a scroll down menu.

Select FIFA 23, and click uninstall.


Once that is done, run Origin as admin and press play on FIFA 23. You'll start seeing a new error which is the Anti cheat error, and there'll be a reinstall option. If you press that, it won't work but you'll have to see that error first. Now close Origin completely.


Open Origin again as admin, repair FIFA 23. This will recreate your AC folder again, but this time it'll be fixed.


Now play FIFA 23 and it should successfully load! 


You're welcome! Standard smile


Head to this thread and follow the instructions given!

Thanks for your help!


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Fifa 23 doesn't launch.

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Click Play, Origin freezes, then:


Fifa23 error.jpg

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Fifa 23 won't launch ??????

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I have EA Play PRO and according to that i can play fifa 23 from 15:00pm on the 26th september but i keep getting Unrecoverable application error when i go to Play game  ??

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failure during update process

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Failure during process. When i try to start FIFA 23 it wont start because EA anitcheat does not update... 

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Fifa 23 unrecoverable problem

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When i start Fifa 23 i get a Error Message that says unrecoverable problem and creates a dump file.

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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@0n10n5 i get the same error
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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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@noir_fifa its pretty bad, seems to be a wide spread issue for a lot of people.

especially when we pre ordered a game and now cant make use of one of the pre order features
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FIFA 23 - the application encountered an unrecoverable error

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I can't play FIFA23 from Origin. every time I try to start the game there's this error message: "the application encountered an unrecoverable error".


I got the screenshot of the error message.


I tried uninstalling and repairing it, but it doesn't do anything.


Thanks in advace to anyone who will help

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Re: FIFA 23 - the application encountered an unrecoverable error

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Same problem Frown

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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@0n10n5 i cant find any solutions it seems to be new
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