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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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@45Kraft what worked?
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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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@45Kraft try what exactly, I tried everything related to the AC still didnt work
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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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Same here, ive tried everyhing for like 5 hours now... 
Starting to get pissed.

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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same thing here =(

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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My last action for today - now waiting for EA fix.
At least I know now how to enable secure boot in my BIOS

I enabled Secure boot incl. Windows UEFI Mode
get it confirmed via open powershell as admin on Win10 
add command:


result = TRUE

Uninstalled AC. 
Did game repair to get AC re-installed. 
But still AC service error [7]

EDIT: actually the result changed

CMD command:
sc sdshow eaanticheatservice

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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Under investigation. Accepting as solution for visibility purposes only.


Hey all, 


This issue is being tracked by the FIFA team at the moment, in the meantime I'll be using this post to highlight community sourced workarounds:

@Franz995 wrote:

I solved by deactivating Rivatuner, try to deactivate other overlays such as Nvidia's or Origin's or others.

@Aerilon wrote:

After so many hours, I have finally discovered the fix to this issue!


Firstly you'd want to do this:


Program Files > EA > AC > EAAntiCheat.Installer


Open that, and there'll be a scroll down menu.

Select FIFA 23, and click uninstall.


Once that is done, run Origin as admin and press play on FIFA 23. You'll start seeing a new error which is the Anti cheat error, and there'll be a reinstall option. If you press that, it won't work but you'll have to see that error first. Now close Origin completely.


Open Origin again as admin, repair FIFA 23. This will recreate your AC folder again, but this time it'll be fixed.


Now play FIFA 23 and it should successfully load! 


You're welcome! Standard smile


Head to this thread and follow the instructions given!

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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any estimate time?

its absurd buying the most expensive version to be able to play earlier, and have to face this

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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Thank you for the response! It is a shame, and even after all these workarounds I still get this error. If it's any help, it's definitely AntiCheat related and almost instantly as you launch it.

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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Does not work in my case. AC does not get reinstalled starting only FIFA23. Only repair would reinstall it, but then I get AC service error [7 again]

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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I have the EXACT same issue, it doesn't reinstall unless I'm manually repairing / updating the game.

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