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Trophy bug

by UndeadBeanie

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Trophy bug

★★★★ Novice

I recently purchased a disc copy of SWBF2, whilst the multiplayer was downloading I was playing the campaign, got to Naboo as Leia, then played multiplayer. I returned to the campaign to find out, it didn't grant me the trophies or challenged for completing the levels up until that mission. Is there anything I can do?

Playing on a normal PS4.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Trophy bug

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @UndeadBeanie 


I'm sorry to hear about the trophy issue - I hope you're still enjoying the game despite this.


Have you tried to power cycle your console (in PS4's case you need to completely shut the console down for around 5mins)? It might be a simple sync issue and this should help resolve this.



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Re: Trophy bug

★★★★ Novice

Thanks for the reply, my PS4 was off overnight, so yeah I have. 

I am loving the game, it's not a massive issue but it'd be nice to have the trophies Standard smile

Also I meant milestones, not challenges, I have the milestones for the Naboo level and thereafter. I don't want to replay the missions just for the milestones. But if I have to I guess I will at some point.

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