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Transfer market freeze cost me 220 000 coins

by ArminTheKing

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Transfer market freeze cost me 220 000 coins

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I was in my teams screen, I select a player with   x    and i click on L1. 
thant change the screen to transfer market player. I was searching on different player on Serie A.

At one moment, The screen was frozen, and when I click on my joystick I hear a sound of my clicks, I was waiting for five minutes, I restart my PS5, and I was surprised thaht a player cost me 220 000 coins (GOMEZ).

The player is cost already 76000 coins !!!


This is a huge bug in this screen of market (I have never had the problem in the transfert market in the main menu, but just in Team Manager when we click on L1 on the team manager).


Thank you to get out the Item and just return me my coins ! That was a month of playing rivals and fut champions to get them !!!!  I am crying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks a lot

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