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Ton of bugs ruins Antems scarce Endgame

by Razzielle

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Ton of bugs ruins Antems scarce Endgame

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I have been playing the game for some time now and I have encountered some blockers that really make it hard for me to enjoy the game.

 In the endgame you have a few options what to choose when you go to your javelin:

1) Quickplay - well you actually can't quick play.

When you choose quickplay one of the following things happen:

1. The game reloads to the starting cinematic.

2. The game goes into an infinite loading screen (yes those still happen and have not been fixed).

3. The game crashes.

4. Or you actually load a map (this is really a rare option). But when you go on your business you find out that you actually logged onto a broken mission that has no objectives (it says "Investigate the Area"), it has a broken objective (for example an object that you can't interact/destroy), or it has not objective at all.

So you can't actually QuickPlay at the moment.

So next we have:

2) Strongholds:

I actually really like Strongholds. The problem is that aside from Tyrant every other is a gamble to do.

Scar Temple bugs a lot. One of the objectives just vanishes and you can't finish it.

Hearth of Rage on the other hand when I run 1 in 2 times i get into the last boss because people farm just the chests and skip the boss because it takes too much time killing it.

Also for some reason the game crashes on Hearth of Rage for some reason. On a normal run I get between 1 to 2 crashes.

But that's not all.

For me at the moment I have no access to Scar Temple (It just vanished from the map). So I have only 2 options. But because of the problems with Hearth of Rage I have only Tyrant.

So it is like the Game was released with only 1 dungeon (stronghold) to play and that is no fun.

3) Contracts are mostly fine and aside from the occasional sounds bug (that happens everywhere), I didn't have much problems with contracts.

4) FreePlay

FreePlay  is mostly bugfree (atleast as I have seen), but then again I try not to play FreePlay because it is boring to me.

The map feels empty ... there are only 4 players on the whole map.

It takes a lot of time finding Events and even you do find one there is no way of telling the other people on the map that there is one.

I think that making Freeplay for at least twice as many people is going to be a big upgrade for it.

Also I am aware that not everyone wants to be added in a group when you enter FreePlay but if you add an option at Map select that says you want to be added in a group with other people who clicked that option this will be a plus.

Also there is the thing that the events feel really generic. Making one event (successful or not) transition into another and at the end this changes the map in some way will make the world feel so much more alive (see how Guild Wars 2 did it for example).




So just to summarize:

1) QuickPlay does not work

2) Strongholds - strongholds go missing limiting your choice

3) Contracts are mostly ok.

4) FreePlay is empty and not social friendly (even if the game tells you all the time that it is played better with people).

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