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Time change issue

by SkiaRyder

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Time change issue

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So I did a time last night, time is correct and everything looked okay except my shop currency timers werent going to start refreshing until this morning. Tokd myself no big deal theyll sync up and they did! Great. 

Now for the problem lol, my dailies just reset for today at 4am as scheduled. The problem is my galactic war, my challenges, and my arena(squad and fleet) did NOT reset. Nor did my energy refreshes. So my dailies cannot be finished as I cannot do GW or Challenges at all and no way to refresh them. The other stuff I could refresh for an expensive ammount of crystals only. Please advise me where to report this with my player id if this can be fixed. It is Saturday though so if it cannot be fixed today useless to even add a fix for it as it will fix itself Sunday morning when Timers are set to reset. Thank you ahead of time

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