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This code has already been used!!!

by adrianpetcu

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This code has already been used!!!

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hi, i win a code for Battlefield 3 from SAPPHIRE Select Club, when i try to  redeem your code via comming this: This code has already been used,...and game no nothing.can you help me or...?!!!


this it the e-mail:


Adrian Petcu,
Congratulations! As an SSC Gold member, you have been randomly selected to receive a code for Battlefield 3 from SAPPHIRE Select Club.  PLEASE NOTE: Codes expire at 11:59 EST on December 31, 2012. Please ensure to download your game prior to this date. Battlefield 3 is available in the following languages with full voice over and text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese. 
Your product code is: ************(i will give you the code if you need...********************
You will require Origin to redeem your code. Follow these steps to get your game:
1. Go to and select your country and/or language. If you don’t see your country/language listed, please select US English. You will have the option to select the game’s language when you place your order.
2. Launch Origin. (Start>Programs>Origin) and log in, or create a new account if you don’t already have one and then log in. If you do not have Origin, download it here:
3. Click the “cog” icon and select “Redeem Product Code”.
4. Follow the on screen instructions and the game will appear under “My Games”.
5. Click on “READY TO DOWNLOAD” to download and install the game to your system.
6. Play!
If you encounter any issues during this process, please contact Origin Help Center by clicking on ‘Customer Support’ or ‘Help’ on the top right hand menu or visit
SAPPHIRE Technology is not responsible for shipping, handling, taxes, freight, customs, duties, or any additional costs associated with the redemption of this promotion.  Some promotions may require you to sign up to websites external to SAPPHIRE Technology. Please ensure that you review these websites’ terms and conditions and any subscriber agreements before you join. 

SAPPHIRE Select Club



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Re: This code has already been used!!!

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I won a key from Sapphire Select Club too and i am having exactly the same problem as the OP. Whenever i try to activate it i get error message saying that the code has already been used.  Waiting for solution.

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Re: This code has already been used!!!

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Update: I contacted sapphireselectclub and they sent me another code. 

@OP - send email @sapphireselectclub and they will send another key

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Re: This code has already been used!!!

[ Edited ]
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How much time did it take to receive a reply from SSC? i sent email to 2 days ago and still no answer.

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Same here

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Same here, e-mailed sapphireselectclub the day I got the code and still no answer.

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Re: Same here

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Got the replacement code few minutes ago. Activated the game succesfully. Case closed.

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Re: This code has already been used!!!

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i have the same problem, emailed sapphire and now wait

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