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The state of the game in Eastern Europe is beyond unplayable.

by Sarquee

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The state of the game in Eastern Europe is beyond unplayable.

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First time posting, long time fan of the game. Bought Season 1 battle pass and in general, I enjoy the game a lot.


After the last patch that was supposed to fix the servers, the state of the game for us gamers in Eastern Europe (Greece) is completely unplayable. Like utter garbage!

Where do I start??

I've never had a game without lagging since the patch. Not even a SINGLE GAME! 

At best the pings in all the closest servers are close to 90 and most of the times are around 100.

Every game lags from the start.


1. Should I expect a change in the current servers bringing some stability again?

2. Why you have left us Eastern Europeans without a server? I call bad marketing because of many FPS gamers in Eastern Europe. Should I expect a new EA server in Eastern Europe??

Please tell me what should I do atm to play without lagging.

Any help welcomed.

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