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Re: The sims mobile : lost progress

by MaSeeToOo

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The sims mobile : lost progress

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I've been playing the sims mobile for months now and I've spent a lot of $$$$ buying packages to get further along in the game, buying Sim cash and completing levels. Yesterday i had problem with the app that forced me to delete the app and re install it (iOS) after reinstalling ALLL my efforts and all my packages and progress are lost !!!!! How do I get it back ? I was on a party and when i start the game it took me to tutorial i finished it and choose my old game since i was connected to game center. Now my inventory is same as i let it and my waredrop not missing anything but i lost 3 of my 4 sims and lost the house along with all my packages money money and cach and tickets I want my game back and I want my progress back ! I contacted apple they said i should call ea help i called ea help they said i should reach out for sims mobile in help .. any one had the same problem ? Is there a way to fix it ? Please help

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Re: The sims mobile : lost progress



Unfortunately this is an issue that we can't help you fix from the forums.


Please follow these directives:


  • You should send in a Help Ticket from your in-game account. Advisors need mobile players to do this because in-game mobile tickets bring through needed details. Contacting by any other method will only delay support and you'll be asked to go back and send in an in-game help ticket. Also worth noting that sending in help tickets from the mobile in-game account ensures the tickets go through to the mobile advisors directly who'll be far more informed.
  • If you have issues accessing your game, there is an alternative for you. Make sure to provide your Player ID when explaining your problem, will make things faster!


  • Have valid proof of purchase available for advisors. Purchases on mobile aren't made on Origin aka EA's tool, they are made on either Google Play or iTunes so in order for support to confirm that there was a payment made they will need valid proof of purchase. Once they verified the purchase they can check if the content is on the account,. If it's not the advisors will take it from there.


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Re: The sims mobile : lost progress

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Thank you for your reply i did contact the ea help they was helpful at first trying to fix my problem then they sent an email told my they fixed it and should log in and check when i logged in i found that my problem still there not fixed at all and my case still in progress but they stopped replying to my emails still waiting for their reply to kniw what should be the next step i hope it will be soon 🥺

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Re: The sims mobile : lost progress

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EA sent me an email told me that they manage to fix my problem and they put my game back to level 34 and i should contact them via email to confirm, but when i logged in to my game it was still on level 2 and went up and reach level 5 fast so i waited maybe with time but now for days its stuck on level 6 i sent 4 - 5 emails telling them what happened with me but no reply came from them at all ,, and my level 34 house along with my sims and packages that i bought are missing can any one tell me what should i do since EA team stopped contacting me ??? please help i missed a lot of events and i miss my sims and my house that i built and spent a lot of money on that game now all missing my heart is broken Devil

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Re: The sims mobile : lost progress

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Hello all


After 3 weeks of mailing with the developer my game back to level 34 they retrieved it coz it was some how on the game center server so they manage to get me back my game but not the 3 packages that i bought stil i'm so happy for that i can play with my house and all of my sims again and i asked apple for a refund for my purchases so i could buy the packages again.


This post just to tell you all don't lose hope if your game is there they will help you ..


Thanks A LOT EA 

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