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We’re sorry there has been an error connecting

by sOrTaGoOdAtThIs

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Fifa disconnect

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I have been doing icon swaps and now after every game I quit or they quit I get disconnected from ultimate team heard it’s a ban but not sure and what do I do because all I’ve done is quite couple off games need help 

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We’re sorry there has been an error connecting

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having the issue below for last couple of hours.  I play Xbox one and have cleared alternate MAC address, played regular seasons match but not fixing the issue.  Everything works until I leave a fut 21 match and this pops up.  

can anyone help resolve? 

“we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 21 ultimate team. You will be returned to the fifa 21 main menu.”


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Re: FUT 20 kicks me out after the end of the match

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Hi I just finished a squad battles match on legendary and won 5-0 and after the match it got stuck loading and said the ea servers was unable to process your request and after reconnecting I have a 3-0 loss for that match.


I haven't quit any matches and had played squad battles matches before that without any issues. Can I get the points back i should of earned or atleast 1 game back because otherwise ive just wasted my time playing for nothing.


MY PSN is HotShot2k



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Fifa 21 kicking me out after winning or opponent forfeited

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From few hours I’m trying to finish Icon Swap one league ( few games left ). I’ve seen that whenever I scored and the opponent is forfeiting the match, straight away is kicking me out and is not counting anything. Saying that there is an error on connection with servers. Is kicking me in the main menu and I can go back again but same thing is happening after the game...very annoying. How we can finish then?

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Icon swaps

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People are quitting in the one league friendly mode and I keep on getting losses? Even though they have clearly quit. It keeps kicking me out of ultimate team and even this I have completed this icon swaps it says I haven’t. What’s going on?

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Quit booting me from the games. 2021 and your servers still suck a whole lot. Sick of losing games because you guys can’t figure out your servers. 

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Fix your servers

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I have a wired connection, no problem on any other game, my ping is 10ms average, division rivals and champions is always +60ms. Don't suggest that it's something on my end, it's not.

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“EA servers are unable to process your request”

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Starting this morning, after ever single match on FUT I get this message and am then logged out, when I come back in it has given me a DNF loss. 

I’ve looked online for solutions, I reset my modem and hard reset Xbox. One person said to play a full seasons game and the come back, didn’t work. 

my biggest issue is I can try as many solutions as possible but the only way I know if they did/didn’t work is I have to play a full game, and if it didn’t work I get another loss (I’ve now gotten 8 losses when I actually won).


Would love some assistance.

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Re: “EA servers are unable to process your request”

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play the TOTW games to check if it works since you can replay it. Just start,then forfeit the match and see if it goes through or kicks you out again

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Re: Disconnect after the end of the match

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Hi, so when this happens, will I be able to play again?

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