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The Campaign is utterly broken!!!

by BCrhyesuonng

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The Campaign is utterly broken!!!

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All three sections of the War stories are broken in different ways.  Under No Flag gets stuck on a black screen just after the " i called the boat" cutscene with the audio still going and the npcs still running; Nordlys gives me the infinite loading screen right after the intro cutscene; and Tirailleur dumps me out under the map after the the big "allons y" speech.  I am playing on a PS4 Pro and i have no idea what to do besides wait for another update

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Re: The Campaign is utterly broken!!!

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I am also playing on PS4 Pro and only bought BFV two days ago and have had the same issues ever since downloading the mandatory update so I can play online. I either get the black screen when starting the war stories or if I load an already started one I spawn under the map.


Have tried deleting and installing the game again and re-downloading the update but get the same problems, however it only appears to be after the update installs. When playing the war stories while the update was downloading and pre install it works fine.

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Re: The Campaign is utterly broken!!!

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i get same on PC, random infinite black loading screens, or under the map at start of next "level"



i7 8700k

16gb ddr4

rog strix z370e


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