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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

by MechaSmurf

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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So apparently, unlike the Prima Guide states, you can really only get them from beating Architects and entering vaults. I'm a 6/9. I can't reenter the Vault on Elaaden which contains 2 I believe and I apparently missed the one in Meridian. So basically the quest is broken for me since first of all the emails connected to it and the quest only showed up after patch 1.05 and secondly I can't reenter the Vaults on Elaaden or Meridian.


This is a major bug. This seems to be a fairly story driven quest given that it is connected to what are basically the main quests and the hardest opponents in the game plus one of your teammates and several emails, so this is not just some random bug. Secondly neither do you get a map marker nor any information on where to find those things unless you presumable play through the game again.


So there are really only 2 ways to fix that issue:


1. Do it like most normal games do and put the remnant data cores into some merchants inventory for you to buy later because it simply is crazy to make them that missable. Most other games provide a way to aquire stuff that seems connected to a big quest but is missable even afterwards.


2. If you don't want to do that then allow the players to reenter the Vaults in question.


Tbh I don't really get the design decision here. Who thinks: oh yeah we are going to have a purification field from which you have to run for your life but add some litle nooks somewhere that you can only get to when the thing is chasing you, we will lock the door afterwards as to make sure you will never ever get to take it ever again and we will not in anyway connect it with a quest, properly mark the important item so it sticks in your head that that is stuff you need to look for in vaults and add some random bland quest marker only inside the vault when we mark anything else. This is just plain silly to me. And to top that all and add one in a basically all shoot mission like the last parts of the game when nobody even thinks to check for anything anymore because basically you are at level 60+, fully equipped and have 2 quests left in your journal because one didn't fire is insane.


Please fix this issue immediately.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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I didn't shoot her and it's been sitting in my questlog at 4/6 even though I keep picking up more from killing architects.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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I don't think it is connected to that. There are two marked points when you get close enough in Elaadens Vault. I think I got one or none, can't remember now. Then you get another bunch from the Remnant Architects (got them all) and I think one in Remnant city (which I think I missed) so that would bring me up to 8/9 I guess there is another one in Meridians vault somewhere or somewhere else but in general this quest is just * infuriating and the state of this game is infuriating. They should provide customers who bought the game before the first patch any future DLC for the game for free.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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Am I the only one finding patch 1.05 has actually made MEA worse? That is a incredible feat, Bioware. Specifically;


- You can no longer properly alt-tab out of the game it just sticks it in a window that you can't set back to full screen so have to save and exit the entire game

- The idiot button prompts that now show on the dialog wheel are totally immersion breaking

- Having to hit a button EVERY TIME to skip the animations on the galaxy map is tiresome. Why not a option in the menu to just get rid of those animations?

- I've fallen through the map on Vold while being attacked by the ancient fiends during the Earn Your Badges task

- To top it all off, after the game killing me where I fell through the level I return to the Nexus only for the task to not complete and remove from my log

- I'll say again to hammer it home, vague tasks are *. Get rid of them. All of them. Just keep the ones that actually have some structure to them and reveal a bit of a side story.

- What is with the debug code messages being left enabled while the game is loading?


Thats all that I've noticed already with 1.05.


As for everything that I've noticed that needs fixing...


1. Redo the animations. All of them.

2. The stupid bit when Ryder leaves the Tempest with no helmet then fades out for the player to take control, get rid of that 2 step stupid "scene"

3. Inventory menus need completely reworking they are clunky and a pain in the arse to navigate

4. Who designed the interior of the Tempest? It is beyond dumb. Fix it with a DLC, just blow the Tempest up and start over with a Mk.2.

5. I don't need to hear my companions tell me the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. Eg; "Ryder, worm!" "Ryder, worm!" "Ryder, worm!" "Ryder, worm!". See how annoying that is?

6. I also don't need to hear story dialog repeat itself just because I happen to be venturing over the same area on a planet at a later point in time.

7. Seriously, a whole new galaxy and only TWO new species? Lazy much?

8. un-ugly male (except default male, he looks fine still) and femryder. They looked alright at one point in time and even before the day 1 patch femryder looked ok, now their all hideous.

9. Liams loyalty mission, I activated the vault on Elaaden and set up a outpost before doing it, it just magically disappeared from my log so I can no longer gain Liams loyalty.

10. Who seriously thought it a good idea to design the Nomad (and Tempest, really) with no weaponry at all? That just makes the Nomad very, very boring. I have literally felt myself falling asleep driving that thing around sometimes.

11. What the hell is with so many textures being low resolution and just plain *? Eg; tree trunk textures on Elaaden, textures used on the comm towers you put up after establising a outpost. I can make far superior textures to those, you can't tell me you can't spare a extra ~5MB to fix those textures

12. Whats the point in so many romance options if theres only really 2 "correct" characters to go with?

13. Why does Ryder have massive clown shoes? (look at his/her shoe souls when sprinting)

14. For the love of god, balance the weapons better and add more full auto assault rifles theres really only 3 weapons or so worth using. Remnant assault rifle, Dhan shotgun, and that angaran sniper rifle.

15. Tear the script up. Completely. Start again. The story is just awful and I'm sympathetic to the voice actors having to work with that dross.

16. While you're at it bring back Shepard and Garrus.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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Killing the architect gave me a few remnant cores. 

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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@ketxxx I agree there's a lot still wrong, I'm replying because of your alt-tab problem though. Here's a couple things that worked for me


1) to return the small window to Fullscreen press alt-enter

2) In Settings> Video Output> Display Mode choose "Windowed Borderless" (last option to the right) and it won't resize when you alt-tab


Hope that helps a little

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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The data cores are floating things, not materials.
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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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Thanks that will indeed be helpful for me Standard smile Somehow I don't think I'm the only one thats got tired of trying to do a overly vague task and just ended up alt-tabbing to google it Tongue out

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

[ Edited ]
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@ketxxx and @sonevar: There is another advantage to that setting as well.  If you're like me and are using a TV as your monitor, ALT-TAB usually has a delay while it re-detects the resolution when switching from a full screen app to the desktop.  With this method it is indistinguishable from full screen but no delays at all when interacting with other windows.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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And where do you find them? Can you maybe post a screenshot how they look?

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