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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

by gh0st_wh1sp3r

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Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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Product: Mass Effect Andromeda
What edition do you have? Deluxe Edition
Physical Disc or Digital version? Digital Based Install
Summarize your bug I have picked up three remnant data cores, but the task "Remnant Data Cores" has not triggered. Does this task even exist? ETA: Task pops up with Patch 1.05. Core locations a WIP.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
How long has this issue been happening? Always Happens
Please select your region
Run the network benchmark and post your upload and download speeds.
What company provides your internet service?
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Pick up a remnant data core and notice the lack of quest.
What is the AMD or Nvidia Model Number of your graphics card?
Please enter memory size in GB.


Old post struck to try to clean up this mess.


Any information greatly appreciated!


ETA-2: Updating to reflect that Patch 1.05 fixed the task so it pops now. Prima has reinstated their guide page, but it's got extremely limited information and lacks any indication of where the cores are to be found. I'm going to try to post the locations here. WIP:


1) Awarded automatically upon completing the main vault on Eos. Unmissable. Presumably this is the piece of rem-tech recovered by Peebee as she traverses the vault with you.


2) Found in Voeld's main purification vault. Missable. Located on a free-standing column at the same level as the big platform with Remnant pillars to the right of the entrance. As soon as you walk into the big open area and find the console facing the purification field across the chasm, look to the right. Jump on top of the columns to that right side (N/NW), and as soon as you get to the platform with the Remnant equivalent of flying buttresses and your first shield bubble, turn back to your left to get to the core. It's actually just barely visible from the first overlook on this large room. May require unlocking first via the console puzzle on the left (south) side of the room. See this video: (core is picked up from 2:15-2:36)


3) Found in Elaaden's main purification vault. Missable. In the most northeasterly room in the vault, located east of the room with the +2 skill point decryption puzzle chest. The data core room's door must be unlocked by using the console right in front of it.


4) Found in Kadara's main purification vault. Missable. Located in the area unlocked by the six Remnant glyph consoles (each console has a glyph over it, and you activate them in the proper order to unlock the door).


5) Elaaden: in an unmarked vault on the eastern edge of the southern sinkholes. Here: (credit to whoever circled that thing and put it on imgur -- wasn't me)


6) Voeld: in the side vault that you're brought to at the end of Task: Subjugation. The vault is just a little northeast of the kett resistance camp where you first landed on Voeld. It may only be accessible once you get the navpoint as part of Subjugation.


7) Khi Tasira/Remnant city (during The Journey to Meridian). Missable. It's in the Angara research tower on a high ledge to the west of the central chamber (which has four columns of different heights in a pool of remnant goo in the middle). Rumor has it there are ledges that should extend so you can climb up to it. Those ledges were bugged for me.


8-11) Looting the four Architects. Reportedly missable if you walk away. PSA: For the love of all that's holy, people, do not forget to loot the containers they leave behind! In addition to missing these cores (which are not visible in the big containers but are automatically added to your counter, one per beastie, when you collect the loot), you will also miss out on the Architects' fusion mods. For a post-patch runthrough, see here:


For those of you still wondering what one of these things looks like in the wild (i.e. not when automatically added):


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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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Quest does exist I'm at 6/9 Task: Remnant Data Cores but like most general tasks no map markers.  Quest unlocked for me just before end mission.  Romanced PeePee not sure if that had a factor. Plus killed her last lover on the loyality quest.


8/9 now basically checking planet's for vault ( type) entrances a pain I know.  One was in the open Voeld and other was kind of hidden on Elaaden.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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It shows up now after patch 1.05. There are 9 cores. The one in the Journey to Meridian is missable and I don't think there are extras.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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So many of the damn tasks in MEA are *, no quest markers is one thing chalk that up to RPG elements but outright picking up a task that you can't complete because the object is in a location you can't get back to is * stupid. More and more I think MEA has been made by a bunch of Bioware interns. I'm a game modder myself and theres so many stupid, obvious bugs you have to seriously question the QC process for the game, on top of all the other things wrong with MEA as well, anyone who doesn't yet have it I would strongly advise not to pick the game up at least for 2-3 months to see if Bioware really can polish a * and turn it in to a diamond.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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6/9 here too, starting to go back through  planets with a fine tooth comb because overly vague tasks are a pain in the *.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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I got the next mission where it involves Poc but I still only have 4/9 Data Cores.
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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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Patch 1.05 must have fixed this so it triggers now. Prima's going to have to go fix their guide. Again.


The one on Meridian might be bugged, since there are supposed to be platforms that extend when you get close enough to the ledge. They were definitely not extending anywhere for me, and it seems to be impossible to reach that ledge without them.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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@hotbutteredelvis: Interesting. I romanced Peebee on my one and only playthrough so far, and I picked up the one data core on Elaaden (not the main vault, the one in the south) fairly early on. The quest never popped for me even through postgame. I'll try it in NG+ with Patch 1.05.


I do wonder if killing Kalinda has anything to do with it. Perhaps the task only triggers if you choose to kill her, which gives Peebee some more unknown rem-tech to play with?

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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CM Edit- content removed for being rude/unnecessary.

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Re: Task: Remnant Data Cores missing

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It was genuinely bugged until the update, today.

No need to be a complete douche bag.
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