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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

by KerandG

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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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The issue is that prior to the bar scene, if you flirt with her...long before you have the option to choose a are then left with the choice of joining her at the bar or leaving the mission incomplete. Which truthfully after all the time you put into the interview is more than annoying.

Prior to that moment at the bar, all you have done is talk about the possibility seeing as Keri wanted to finish the interviews first. So basically, when you are available she isn't interested and then when you aren't you are then left with no choice.

In reality people go to bars with friends all the time and it means nothing romantic, why should you be left with no choice but to sleep with her at that point?
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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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Your choice was in going to the bar

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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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@jpkarlsen That's super simplifying it. I am a completionist. Did I use the romance option earlier? Of course I did obviously BUT 1. At the time my character was not in a relationship & 2. Keri chooses to put it off.

I then went off and did everything else in the game, which basically is required for Keri to complete her news report! During that time, my character slowly built a relationship with Jaal. Did she have any other relationships along the way? Yep. She had a few flings BUT. and here is why people are annoyed at this problem, there came a point in each of these romances where you have a choice to continue it as an exclusive relationship OR. End it. You are never forced to be in a relationship without a choice of any kind. My character had a fling with PeeBee. It was
casual. Never once did PeeBee unilaterally decide to engage in romance. Each and every time I had to choose the romance option to fool around.

You don't get that option with Keri! You flirt with her, sure! Discuss the possibility of getting together down the road but then when the time comes to complete the mission, you can't without romancing her. There is a choice missing here.

Now they could always give you the option of turning her
Down at the bar(which they should have thought to do) & have her not take it well turning her into a stalker if they wanted. But leaving no option is just plain wrong
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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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@jpkarlsen By choosing to not go to the bar, you can't complete the quest so you are just plain wrong on that one!

I don't know how old you are but let's put it this way. When we play games, we like them to be immersive oftentimes. To do so, you have to keep some semblance of reality within some aspects. Such as relationships & life.

In real life you meet people all the time. Some of them, you may be interested in in some romantic manner. If your old enough to make the choice to be involved romantically, your also old enough to choose who you want to be with. Now let's for a moment imagine that there is this woman who you are interested in. You both flirt when you see each other. Nothing crazy but you acknowledge that there may be something there. Ok. Let's keep going with
This premise. Now due to work restrictions of one sort or another, now is not the best time to get involved with this person so you both agree to wait for some later time.
Time passes and in the meantime you meet someone very special whom you fall head over heels in love with. Some more time passes and that relationship grows into an exclusive one. Now you finally finish the work project you had with the other person & decide to meet for a drink to celebrate. You sit down and talk all about how great the work thing went & the other person tells you straight out
That they know you are in an exclusive relationship with someone else & they don't care. In real life, while it may be an awkward conversation & situation, that is the moment that you make it clear that your priorities have changed and you are 100% committed to this other person. Unless of course you are a piece of * who cares only about what they can get in the minute and screw the fact that you have made a commitment to someone else. In reality, you would say that while you appreciate the offer, it's not going to happen. If then the other person turns around & persists, you would probably get up from the table & leave. You wouldn't even have to leave the bar. The table is fine seeing as you have friends right there in the bar.

In the game, they don't give you a choice to say no.

Just because you may want to be romantically involved with
Someone at some point in the game or in real life doesn't mean that would still hold true later in life. If that were the case, the first guy I kissed would have the right to show up tomorrow and expect that I would still want to kiss him. Neither myself nor my husband would really appreciate that.

Immersive? I think not!
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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

★ Expert

I never said that you would be able to finish the "Path of a hero" task if you didn't go to the bar. So I don't know what it is you think I was wrong about?

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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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Well in this game relations (like in most cases IRL) are build slowly throughout the game but if you see that you don't feel the same for that person you can turn it off, and the other romance options disapear when you decide to get serious with some one. The problem is that you don't have option to turn back off Keri when you decide that you want to get a serious relation with someone else, They wanted to give us the option to cheat? Ok with me (never gonna use it but ok) But this should be an option not a forced thing. 

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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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Sure, I'll meet her in the bar and have some drinks; that's what anyone could do. But her starting the discussion with "I told the bartender to signal if you-know-who arrives" is a total "I didn't sign up for this *" moment. At that moment, I'd be most inclined to start an angry rant at Kira about why she thinks I'd rather not want my love (Suvi in this case) to walk in – preposterous. And others mentioned, there was no way to say no, I'm not interested. Kira needs to grow the hell up and learn to take a no for an answer or at least not assume such a secrecy; who knows, maybe Suvi'd be fine with me having a fling (except the game doesn't let me explore that).

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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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@jprkalsen Ok. I guess technically you can leave the quest incomplete-which I did btw -but the point is that we shouldn't have to! The point is what I wrote above. The point is that while I really truly enjoyed the game, it did affect my opinion of it. It's sloppy.

I was left with the feeling that after all the steps it took to get to that point with that side mission, you should be able to complete the mission with out that horrible feeling. As I said in an earlier post, it feels like the developers of this game were immature boys who used the romance portion of this game to reinforce their limited view of what they think women want. You can't expect a strong independent woman to accept a partner in her life who will:
1. Use her to violate an entire races trust &
Then just brush it off cuz he's cute
2. Be a murdering liar but she's ok with that because she likes the bad boys
3. Be ok with cheating on her partner because "they will never know"

If you don't understand why it's beyond annoying for a lot of people to get to that point in the game & have no choice other than to not complete that side mission then I'm sorry I haven't done a good enough job explaining but I don't know how else to try to explain it at this point.

Have a good day
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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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There is also another thing. Even though Ryder gets invited to a drink in her apartment you don't see anything happen. So you can tell yourself that Ryder turned her down there.

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Re: Task: Path Of A Hero/Forced Keri Romance

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@jpkarlsen Hmmm denial huh? My suggestion is that in the next update they insert an option to say no.
Just seems to make more sense to me lol
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