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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

by I3rokken4ngel

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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same here on ps4 did the quest but will not complete out

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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I may have already said this before, but its the same issue on PS4. I'm totally unable to talk to him and complete the quest...

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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Yes, it does. 1st, talk to dude to get the quest. 2nd, go to Voeld and do all three missions, yes... you'll only kill 14 out of 15 remnant. 3rd (maybe not the best) return to the Nexus and talk to dude again... i levelled up during this conversation, but did not finish the task. 4th, return to Voeld and the remnant site... restart the task, and voila... THE VERY FIRST remnant you kill (again) gives you 15 kills, and you're done. Really stupid.

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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During the fight with remnant I stalled the miniboss (took down only his side turrets then left him to walk around) till the 15th remnant appeared. And it did appear from the side they were coming anyway and it happened when I was under a minute left to take them all out.

It marked it as finished, said optional record done. After that I went fiends and kett, nothing special there I just did those, returned to Nexus, reported the quest, got crapload of XP.


AKA the quest didn't bug on me, but Bioware needs to fix the remnant phase obviously.


Thanks @thatMichael5 for the workaround in case it bugs on me during another playthrough!

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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Same for me on PC, completed all the tasks, talked to Andraknor once, task did not complete. Now NPC shows dialog option but nothing happen.





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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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I had all the remnant spawn and beat the guy's time etc. I can talk to him on the Nexus and he's all impressed, but after the conversation is over, the quest still stays open at the "talk to" step. He no longer talks to me, of course, because we already talked.


Mainly posting because in my case the remnant killing part went off without a hitch, but it still bugged out on the turn in, so I think there may be multiple parts to this quest that are bugged or can cause a glitch.


What I did have is that after I got the intel at the kett base, the guy didn't talk to me over comm like he did at the other areas, so perhaps that's where it glitched out? Though I don't know if he's supposed to talk to you after that one or not, and it appeared to complete fine as well (did fiend first, then kett, then remnant). Oh, and now that I think about fiend step spawned more than one fiend; also not sure if that's normal...maybe every step has glitching issues Thinking

Whatever the spawning point of the glitch for me or others, it's a real pain to go through it only to have it be stuck in the journal forever alongside the Nomad shield building quest *sigh*

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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PC- Spoke to the angaran, but the quest is still there. Angaran has a green marker now when I visit the Nexus. Quest still showing the step to speak to him and is incomplete. Speaking to him again does nothing when you press E.
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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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In my NG+ I had the same problem with the quest not completing, but now in my new game with a complete new character I could complete the quest without problems even though I had only 14/15 remnants.

It may be linked to the main story. In my NG+ I made the quest really late in the game (short before the final battle) in my recent playthrough I started and finished the quest really early during the mainstory. Actually I have just saved the Moshae and got the "Hunt for the Archon" quest, but have not been to Kadara.

I was really surprised the quest completed right at the first try.

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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Me too. Had the dialogue with him where he says sister thing, but not marked as complete and cannot interact with him again.

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Re: Task: Earn Your Badge doesn't complete

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I have the same problem on PS4 as well. Do the tasks, talk to the guy, another talk option is there but it doesn't start a conversation so the task can't be completed.


I know others have had this problem but I think it's important to state being affected by the bug so that Bioware are aware of the numbers of players being affected.

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