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Tank Takedown

by nhl24

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Tank Takedown

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The last 2 Tank Takedowns I solo’d P3 with Nest. Game froze then crashed before P4 transistion/load. No points earned either. I posted messages in guild forum to keep connection. I know 2nd time someone else finished P4 & results were finalusing. I notified EA by phone. Rep didn’t help & said post in forum.

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Re: Tank Takedown

Community Manager
Hi @nhl24,

The forums can be used to get technical advise on tech issues and to flag emerging bugs. Perhaps you were directed here to open a bug report on this? Flagging bugs helps us tracking and investigate bugs so if you feel this is a bug, a bug report is a good way to go. Our bug boards can be found here:

Aside from that, freezing can sometimes be caused by technical issues. To help limit freezing we'd advise trying some troubleshooting. Check out our Troubleshooting guide here:

- EA_Lanna

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