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TW Crashes

by Ezokith

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TW Crashes

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Plagued with disconnects/app crashes in TW. 
Every TW its the same old story, i select my opponent and pick my team, match loads and app crashes/shuts down. I've lost my team(s), and/or viable counter teams. 
It seems to get worse, at first it happend maybe once or twice. now it happens almost every time. tomorrow i'll upgrade my phone to a newer model in hopes that it will help. 

This is a very sad experience, that happens in your most anticipated and competitive game modes. It's very fun when it actually works and i loose or win by my own choices, but when the game crash - it causes anxiety and permits the unwilling feeling of not participating because the game fails you before you get to even try.

The worst part is that i salted a lot of cash into this game, i'm what "normies" would call a WHALE, i'm not rich or anything just a tad reckless with my surplus "monnies" which i usually spend on my hobbies - now in a way i do feel entitled to a complete game experience, but nothing more. The frustration gets very real when i'm not. 

The mind gets a tad boggled when trying wrap my head around whats really the issue, i do believe that i run the game on an outdated phone - Iphone 6 - updated with the latest IOS. 
The game seems to be slowing down on each new update of the game(I'm not against the game updates - i love the game and the continuation of new things to the game.)

Tho thats another issue  but it can be related. 

I've contacted support several times, but in-between the game has seem to work smoothly again for a couple of TW's, with fewer crashes or app shutdowns. which has led me to thinking something has been fixed, which it has not. I've been through the treadmill of reporting what my phone is, whats what IOS, not having other applications running while playing the game, testing the app on other devices etc. nothing has really changed there - same issues.

Now, i don't want to be salty or whiny. I'm just looking for answers. And i'm writing this in frustration. Don't take me wrong - i love this game and the community i'm a part of. 

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Re: TW Crashes

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Totally having same problem, hoping to not have this affect the guild win. Happened twice tonight

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Re: TW Crashes

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If it’s in the game, it’s in the game.
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Re: TW Crashes

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Mine crashed 5 times...lost a TW battle due to a crash and had to restart my raid run twice due to crashes tonight 

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Re: TW Crashes

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Changed from Iphone 6 to Iphone 10 max today. Lags with the game seems to be over. And i have not experienced crashes thus far.  Running the game on older Iphones isnt viable anymore.

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