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Re: TB GEO Server Error or BUG

by Semente17

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TB GEO Server Error or BUG

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Hello i'm Semente, one of the Officers from AlohaPT Empire, today we had an issue in during Territory Battle, the explanation it's right below, it's a part of the chat that i had with the person that i thought he had disobeyed to the orders but appears to be a server problem. The conversation it's translated from Portuguese to English. With this issue that occurred during TB we will loose 1 star on GEO TB, which is really bad. Can you guys check this problem?

"What most likely happened was the following:

You were playing in the afternoon, you finished the battle, but you didn't leave the "victory" image, you went to your life rested.
All good.
You tried to get in a little while ago, but since you weren't back on the Territory Battle panel since the afternoon, the server just now received what you won in the battle you did at the beginning of the afternoon.

Why do I come to that conclusion?
Due to the information that appears in each mission.
When you go into the battle, "deploy 110,000" appears, which is a supposition of the team you used, and when you finish, it shows how much you won in the battles.

As in this print that is there, only "earned 546,000" appears, that is, the victory information came from this afternoon.
Basically, having said this is not your fault
And I apologize if with the fervor of the situation I was exalted
But I wasn't seeing what could have happened, because this is the first time this has happened in 2 years and such a game."


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Re: TB GEO Server Error or BUG


Hey @Semente17,

I am not exactly certain If I have understood your issue. With the screenshot you provided I conclude that your guild mate finished the second of four battles and then left the screen resulting in his device to turn off, right?

So, where exactly have you spotted a bug? All points received until this point are still added to your score.

I am sorry if I misunderstood your issue.


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Re: TB GEO Server Error or BUG

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@CEO_Rago he played at 2PM, the points only entered in the system at 11PM, and closed the missions at 6/7PM, if he played after we blocked it was a rogue action, but it's listed as one. So the server didn't get the battle information for about 9 hours.
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