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Sweet treat token conversion to simoleons

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I finished the sweet treat showdown event and once the event has been completed, whatever excess sweet treat tokens and royal treat tokens that I have are converted to simoleons. However, I noticed that the conversion to simoleons does not equate to the amount of tokens I had leftover. Attached are photos I took before and after the sweet treat showdown was completed. Based on the calculations I made, I had an excess of 3,090 sweet treat tokens and an excess of 8 royal treat tokens (as seen in photo 2). Combining these 2 amounts, the conversion to simoleons should be 3,098. However, in the 3rd photo, you can see that the amount of simoleons only increased by 349. Is this possibly a bug? I’ve noticed this issue for a few months already. 

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Re: Sweet treat token conversion to simoleons

@janebear13 Last year the conversion rate for STS was (and I don’t think there has been any changes to it):
1 Sweet token = 0,1 Simoleons
1 Royal token = 5 Simoleons

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