Re: Sweet Treat Showdown rewards not working

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Sweet Treat Showdown rewards not working

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Hello, I’ve encountered a situation where I have spent my tokens trying to unlock a box and it failed to redeem at first, it said “transaction canceled-no money was removed from your account.”

But then I tried to re-enter the box purchasing page just to see the tokens were taken away and I still did not get any rewards.  And also I have spent an attempt and simoleons in the challenge this situation happened but I found out that they were all taken away too, but I just didn’t get ANY rewards. All of them just totally disappeared even after 24hrs.

Would it be too much to ask for a compensation of 2 sweet treat boxes and 1 royal treat box? It would be very much appreciated, and I really hope you can fix this! Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown rewards not working

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@re5hn28yibqi I’m having the same problem! If you go to and log in to your Apple ID ( if you have iPhone ) you can request a refund of the game and explain a reason, for some reason when I did this though it wouldn’t let me do it as it was coming up I had no receipt for the game? So I had to go on my email with the copy of the receipt and report it that way, hope this helped!
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