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Re: Supply drop/ binoculars use

by benny4269

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Supply drop/ binoculars use

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Come on ......someone must have a fix to this bloody problem. 2 updates later and still can’t use the bloody binoculars. I have tried everything, EA tech support are total crap....... I know this is just a small part of the game but still.........


i have reinstalled the game, reapplied liciences, rebuilt  the database, restored the system but with no joy! 


If I delete the saved game data as well as the game will I lose all progress once I reinstall 

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Re: Supply drop/ binoculars use

Hey @benny4269


What particular issue are you having with the Binoculars for Reinforcements?


When you try to use them, you have to hold down the key while you select which reinforcement you'd like to call in.




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Re: Supply drop/ binoculars use

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 I have no problem selecting the tank reinforcement but it just won’t select the supply or v2. Prior to the last update I could select and get the binos up but could not use due to half a black screen. Now I can’t even get the binoculars up at all. I have tried all manner of button combos but can’t even accidentally use them ....haha!!

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