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Sugestion for EA to solve the issue with server delay in Europe

by zidane739

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Sugestion for EA to solve the issue with server delay in Europe

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As you know in Europe we have servers in France, Holland and Germany, they are foccused in the West/Centre of Europe. The players from those countries have big advantage when they play agaist the others because they play on own server with 0 server delay. 

In the East  Europe as example,  has  0 srvs, it is impossible for those players to play against Those 3 countries, due to delay difference, the game cannot make the compensation... So my suggestion is:


Make the players from those 3 countries to dont play on a server from their country(on german server ban german Ips, french server french ips, holland server holland ip)... The game would be fair, even if those servers are near of players from West, but at least they arent in the same country with the server... What are you doing now EA is RACISM, you are making the players from this 3 countries to have a big advantage. It is my fault that i was not borned in one of this countries?

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Re: Sugestion for EA to solve the issue with server delay in Europe

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So EA sports don't cares about us. That's RACISM EA sports, you just want to make the players from GERMANY, HOLLAND AND FRANCE to have instant wins(in Europe)... Is that my fault that I was not borned in one of this 3? Is that our fault, that EA sport's lag compensation is looking like a compensation made to make instant win for the players with the servers in own country? 



If you would do what i said in my previous post, for Europe everything would be balanced, all the Europe would play almost in the same conditions offered by you EA sports(west would still have advantage because all the servers are there)... 


Who  wants a fair gameplay for Europe please reply here(i just know only the servers from Europe)... Lets spamm this topic, maybe EA sports will check it and at fifa 21 they will don't be RACIST and will offer aprox equal gameplay conditions to all of us.




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