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Subscription Fails

by SizmicReaper

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Re: The EA Billing and Management services cannot be accessed at this time.

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@ariagmail Yeah I contacted Swtor Customer Support via phone as listed on Ea help page.

As I live in Australia this was not an ideal process due to Cost and Time zone.

I explained to them the situation affecting myself and many others in various Ea,swtor forum,Reddit threads.

I finally was able to access the subscription screen and add/change payment method but still have experienced a problem with PayPal payment not going through on the swtor end of things. I have paid using a credit card,which was successful, but the PayPal payment went through on my bank and PayPal accounts but does not appear on my Ea/swtor billing history.

So I have been charged twice ,once via PayPal which Swtor denies they received on thier end,and once via Credit card each with different invoice numbers.

All I can assume,as agreed with by the PayPal representative ,is that thier are problems with Ea/swtor billing all of which have existed ,ongoing  off and on,for many years.

The amount of hassle it has caused and Time taken to sort this mess out I feel the next time it may happen I will cease supporting the game. 

I now have had to open a dispute through PayPal which is not desirable. I would suggest each case is different but I know many players are still having trouble subbing/purchasing CC.

Wish I had better news.

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Re: Subscription Fails

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Hello, my friend with account name Jandis-Avatar has the same problem, cannot pay subscription fee, getting message about high traffic. Could you please check it out and get back to us? We`ve tried different browsers, different laptops, on different times but nothing worked.

Thank you

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