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Stutters in DXR

by groundedjet

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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There are still random 1 second stutters with the 06/24/2019 BFV update.

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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There are still random 1 second stutters in DXR with 431.36 Nvidia driver.

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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Which  card do you have?

And is your DX12 off in the game?

And  did you switch your FPS to 120

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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I have a RTX 2070. I get no stutter if I use DX11 or DX12 without DXR. My frame rate is highest with those cases. There is a guaranteed stutter right after you spawn in the map. CPU usage, GPU usage, and frame rate become really low when it happens.

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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I got the same Graphics card as you, but no stuttering. 

Well DICE know about this and is still busy yo fix it

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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I have a RTX 2080 Ti and a 9700K OC'ed to 5 ghz, I have good memory timings with my memory running at 3800mhz.


This is a problem that has been around and never resolved, and as far as I can tell everyone has it. Lets forget about the fact that DX12 has way lower FPS, DXR turned on causes stuttering. There appears to be no way to resolve it with better hardware or faster SSD, it's a problem with the game and the nvidia driver. I don't use DXR or DLSS for this reason, nevermind that DLSS is only 4K for the 2080 Ti even though it can barely do 60 FPS.


It's just disappointing they are so silent on this issue when people have put down good money for this stuff, other DXR titles don't have this. DXR just introduces too much latency for a 32-64 player MP environment. If you want to play well online and get the benefit out of your 165 hz + monitor forget about DXR or even DX12 for that matter. They should have never offered it for MP on the game just SP only.

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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I can report the exact same issue with my new Strix RTX 2080 Super OC. Below are the results. 


Nvidia Driver (DCH) version: 431.60 (2019.7.23)


Battlefield V version: 2019.8.15


Battlefield V video settings:

-DX12 on

-DXR on

-DLSS off

-resolution set at 1920x1080

-graphics set at ultra profile


When playing Battlefield V multiplayer, in the maps Rotterdam and Twisted Steal, it appears that at random moments there is a 1-2 second stutter, sometimes with black screen, sometimes with frozen screen. The time between stutters appears to be non-consistent, though frequent enough to influence negative experience of gameplay. When DXR is off, there are no stutters in the tested maps (Rotterdam and Twisted Steel). Not tested in other maps. 

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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It happens on other maps too.

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Re: Stutters in DXR


Have you updated to Windows 10, version 1903, OS Build 18362.267 ? The latest Windows updates are reported to have fixed DX12 for a lot of people.

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Re: Stutters in DXR

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Did you try what @Carbonic suggested above? @CloneTrooperCT  




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