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Stutter issue, but only sometimes?

by SlugBait

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Stutter issue, but only sometimes?

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Pretty much once a day, at startup and into the menu, the game will stutter and microfreeze, with the cursor skipping around as well, including audio blips and pops as it happens. Sometimes the audio bombs out completely into a strange distorted mess when this issue is occurring.

A strange and sort of good thing is that usually I can restart my computer and the issue goes away for a while (at least a day), and it's never started happening during gameplay. But I'd like to nip it in the bud...

I've also tried running other games when it happens in Apex, and it seems to be exclusive to Apex.

Any ideas on this weird issue?

Things I've tried:

Disabling gaming overlays

Making sure drivers are up to date

Checking processor priority
Making sure cpu, memory, and gpu load are normal

Making sure nothing else is running in the background

Repairing Apex installation

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