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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

by EA_Grasshopper

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Stuck with "Tutorial"

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I am stuck in the "tutorial" right after the first battle and cannot progress further. The game is telling me to "train a unit" but it then becomes unresponsive. I have restarted many times but it's always been the same result. Is there a way you can help me skip the tutorial altogether? I just wanna play another game.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

EA Live QV Team

Hi @3rdWorldAlliance and sorry to hear that.


Do you have or can you still get your player ID (found in Settings -> About), so that we can locate your account? Also, a full restart of the game and/or reinstalling might help.

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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

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The issue might have to relate to cache. Also please add these features to the game:

Allow players {regardless if their expert or not} who start a new game to skip the tutorial

add a "read me tutorial" section in the game and

add a replay tutorial and training. When this happens, players can get back to training route and use their basic 4 units to train at a max level of 3.

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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

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Hi! Thanks for the prompt reply,


If what you are asking for is my "PersonaId" it is: 1004067073578


And I have tried to reinstall already, after linking my account, but I still come back to the same situation.


Thanks again!

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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

EA Live QV Team

Thanks for the ID, it is exactly the one I was looking for.


I have a look and see what we can do for you.

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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

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I know it's the weekends, but is there any update regarding this?



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Re: Stuck with "Tutorial"

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EA Live QV Team

Hey @3rdWorldAlliance am I right in saying you are a new player? Or have you played for some time prior to now. Just want to make sure I understand your issue so I have some questions. Is it that you can't train the unit at all? Or are you just trying to play more battles? If you are a new player and playing for the first time, you must go through the tutorial and train your units. 

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