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Stuck on "Loading Cantina"

by chriscro09

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Re: Problem loading

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the same here in BRAZIL
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Re: I'm stuck on the cantina loadout screen

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Can't get in either.

Was still logged in until recently, but once the game had to restart (because I used too many other apps in between), no login was possible

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Re: Stuck at Loading Cantina

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I have this same issue on my iPhone 6s. Ever since the new update I’ve had stability issues which include longer than usual loading times.
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Re: Won’t load - stuck at Loading Cantina

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I am having the same issue.  Ive been stuck on loading Cantina for over 2 hours.  I cleared cache, restarted phone, re-installed game...nothing works.

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Re: Stuck at Loading Cantina

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Yeah, earlier today I had an issue with loading the latest update that took me longer than an hour to complete.  And my Guild Mates didn't experience it.

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Re: Problem loading

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Ally code: 716-522-998


Cannot login. Android 4.1.2 

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Frozen...and I'm not talking about the weather...

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Sure you have you have heard it over and over this morning but the game is frozen and won't move past the loading cantina screen... Restarted my device still no luck... 


Any ETA on the fix? We've got a HSTR on the line and half our guild is unable to get into the game...



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Re: Problem loading

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I just lost my mid day energy on two accounts because of inability to log on

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Re: Stuck in loading screen SWGOH

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My game is not working either. 

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Re: Stuck in loading screen SWGOH

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My game is down as well. Jedijoe 

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