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Stuck on "Loading Cantina"

by chriscro09

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Re: Problem loading

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I am also experiencing this, multiple devices, multiple networks. devices restarts.   Cannot log in stuck at "Loading Cantina" screen

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Re: Problem loading

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me too android blackberry motion ally code 674-614-462

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Game wont load

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Cant get passed the loading cantina screen.

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Re: Unable to open swgoh

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Have the same issue

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Re: Problem loading

[ Edited ]
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Me too. Google pixel 2 XL. Gonna miss my midday energy refresh.


Ally code 432-881-583 

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Re: Unable to open swgoh

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Re: Problem loading

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Yup, same problem with me.


Ally code: 383671134

Platform: iOS

Connection: Both mobile and wi-fi are not working

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SWGOH Stuck on loading cantina screen

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I’ve been stuck on the loading screen for the last 30 minutes. What’s going on? Is the system bogged down with a hundred tons of BS? Did all the whales try to buy dark bastila at the same time? Or is the server malfunctioning from every single top pvp team using the same exact lineup... and the cpu is having a hard time trying to decide the winner? Oh who am I kidding- the last one is easy right? Just whoever paid the most money..


Either way - the game won’t load. And since the whales need someone to curb-stomp into oblivion, you should probably put some effort into letting the f2p players at least log in .. so we can just forfeit everything and accept charity rewards. 

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Re: Problem loading

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same same. IPhone 7s. Hugs!
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Re: Problem loading

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Most of my friends havent complained to me about this, but I've been unable to get in today
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