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Stuck on "Loading Cantina"

by chriscro09

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Re: Stuck Loading Screen

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Hangi loncadasin Standard smile 

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Re: Problem loading

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Me too

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Ally code 941-189-488

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Re: Stuck Loading Screen

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Same happening to me and my guildmates. Its definitely global. Serbia, xiaomi Android.
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Stuck at Loading Cantina

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Experiencing a common issue I think where I'm stuck at the "Loading Cantina" screen indefinitely, on both my Samsung S8 and through Blue Stacks. I've tried reinstalling on my phone so far, but that didn't work. Anyone know a sure fire way to fix this?


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Unable to open swgoh

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I'm not able to log into swgoh game it stuck on loading cantina screen. I have been trying this for last hour withtout success. 

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Re: Problem loading

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Having the same problem on Wifi and T-Mobile on Samsung Galaxy S10+. Ally Code:873395669

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Re: Stuck at Loading Cantina

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The whole game is down at the moment. Waiting for EA to respond to this issue.. it’s affecting everyone
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Error Loading

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Before starting this topic, I saw 2 topics that were posted that both happened to me today.

1. The latest update that hit me with the connection problem error, which I had to keep hitting retry button more than 100 times before it finally complete, taking longer than 1 hour, both in WIFI and without.  Apparently I was the only one in my Guild who experienced it.

2. And now I got stuck at the Loading Cantina title screen that many users posted this problem within one hour.

Will you solve this problem and compensate us with some apologizing tokens, like a Zeta?  

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Re: Stuck at Loading Cantina

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My guild members are all online, I seem to be the only one in my guild not able to get in. This is weird, EA!!

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Re: Unable to open swgoh

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Same. I thought the game was down, but all my guild family can get in with no problem.

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