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Re: Will there be compensation or not?!

by Rayv3n86

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Will there be compensation or not?!

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Why do some players compensate for yesterday's problems with the entrance, and others do not? Here I am yesterday, 1st place in two arenas could not take because of this!! It was during my payouts! 2 hours could not enter! I write in support of appeal without reply close. What is it like ?


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I'm still waiting for compensation crystals after 15/03 login issues

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I raised a case yesterday (report a bug). Case #47561538. Have not heard anything, can I please receive a response, as I was affected during the peak hours of my payouts.


Thank you, Josh

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Re: Will there be compensation or not?!

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Re: I'm still waiting for compensation crystals after 15/03 login issues

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IkI having the same problems but I don't even know how to put a ticket in


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Re: Stuck at Loading Cantina

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Just opend for the first time since Friday. I missed 4 Daily awards and am not in my guild any longer. :/
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Re: Stuck at Loading Cantina

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I take it back. It opened to the Cantina, but when i selected any holotable to play, it goes back to "Connection Error"   So NO...IT"S STILL NOT WORKING>

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Re: Stuck on "Loading Cantina"

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Stuck on cantina loading screen. After the app forced a restart out of nowhere, everything worked fine, i am stuck on loading. Last week when others had problems it worked fine for me.

Tryed everything with cache, wifi etc nothing helped.

Android user.


Need help!

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Re: Stuck on "Loading Cantina"

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Edited to update. Pinning to top of thread for visibility.

Hey folks, 


Usually a full device restart and/or reinstalling should fix it but if you're still experiencing issues with this after trying to troubleshoot, please get in contact with support asap per CG_SBCrumbs message (Link to original post here):



"Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are updating the game at 11:15am PT to fix the login issue from this morning. In the meantime, you can try rebooting and this should fix the issue for most players, but we believe everyone will be fixed with the release shortly.

Out of an abundance of caution, we will be moving the rest of this month's Grand Arenas to start during the week so we have staff available if there are issues with Auto-Deploy. See the calendar for more info.

Lastly, it is difficult for us to identify who was affected by this issue, but if you have been significantly impacted by the downtime, please send in a support ticket. The team will investigate and compensate you up 200 crystals."


@kingyoda1967 I just spotted your post there. This EA Help article might be helpful for you. It has information on how to sent in a support ticket.


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Stuck on Loading Cantina

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I cannot get past this. Tried everything except uninstalling and reinstalling . Anyone else getting this? 

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Cant Log in

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I am stuck on the "LOADING CATINA" screen. No download message, nothing just stuck there. Please help, I think grand arena is too late, and also Arena and Ship Arena, but I have a raid later today.

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Find and tap Contact Support in-game under Settings, or contact us on EA Help.

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