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Stuck on 30 FPS

by FateLostHope

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Stuck on 30 FPS

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I wanted to play some NFS Heat today and for some odd reason the framerate of menu or ingame wont go past 30-35 FPS. Quality settings low or ultra , fullscreen / window mode etc all that doesnt help.

I got the newest Nvidia driver for my GPU and with an older one didnt work aswell.

Already tried reinstalling the game or disabling Gsync but nothing helped.


Like half a year ago i did play this game on 144fps all day. Maybe someone can help me to fix that. (Disabled the origin ingame feature but didnt help aswell)




WQHD 144Hz Gaming Monitor AOC 

Geforce RTX 2080TI

Ryzen 9 3900x

16GB DDR4 3200 CL14 Ram

Asus x570 Gaming E

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