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Stuck at Reward Screen GLITCH

by Lessy_707

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Stuck at Reward Screen GLITCH

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i have a glitch when i got to the post game reward screens i cant continue or Escape to the Lobby its just stuck in that screen


contact me for more info -- i cant play the game anymore because when i boot the game the same thing happens and i cant get out of it

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Bought pack but wont close rewards package

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In the image you see the bugged popup, no matter how hard or fast i spam on the esc button it wont close 😅

What I've tried: 

  • Reboot
  • Repair
  • Wait untill my personal data was loaded in before pressing any buttons (timed by watching the Player name change to my in game name)

Any suggestions other than reinstall the game?


Kinda ironic supporting a game by buying a pack and end up being unable to play the game 🤣

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Hi, i'm having a problem.


I have just purchased 1000 coins and the ascension pack for horizon and it wont let me exit the currency generated screen. I press ESC i click the ESC. Ive repaired the game, ive restarted my computer, shutdown and rebooted, and updated drivers and nothing is working can someone help?



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