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Stop the hackers!!

by -UE-VenomKing

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

There is one way to defeat a cheating player. And it involves a tool that I cannot discuss here because of EA user Guidelines. But I can elaborate that if you can "snif" packets coming from other players in the game, then you can use network commands from various workstations to halt, suspend that persons activity with specific tools.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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Mods have removed the name I've given from the thread... and how am I supposed to make any difference? EA doesn't give a damn about reports.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!


Don'ts Doing something on this list often can get you suspended, or sometimes even banned.

Bully. Online bullying is against the rules. Bullying is a one-stop-shop to getting banned from the forums. Your gaming account will also be reviewed. Bullying can include:

  • Personal defamation
  • Naming and shaming
  • Gossiping about other people
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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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Can you bully a criminal for saying that hes a criminal? That doesn't make any sense.


So what that my gaming account will be reviewed? I got nothing to hide.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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You guys need to stick to the rules, dont name and shame, or bully other players just because you think they are cheating. I see people everywhere claiming someone else is cheating when they are simply more skilled.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!



You were previously advised to read About Answer HQ. These are the rules of the forums that you deem not to follow.


And to further your analogy, you have no proof, no evidence, as only to allege a person. And this is not a judicial system. Cheating however immoral an act, is not criminal in the United States. And the “alleged” person is not here to defend himself/herself.


If you want to stop cheaters, then stop playing the game, period.


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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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Please stay by the subject (stop hackers!!) and not discussing form rules. Moderators will do this.


People need to react as much to this forum about the subject and not driven away because of a other discussion.


So pleople. Let us know how it influance your play and how much you disslike it! Looking forward to read all the reactions.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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I have no proof? It's not that he was good... he was literally killing everyone about few seconds after spawning... making 180 kills in first minutes of game. That is a proof in itself. It's not like I think that he was cheating, because he was too good. He WAS cheating, and can give you a link to hack he was using. Oh... and he wrote in chat "Yes, I am hacking, if you don't like it, hit ALT+F4" ... or something similar.


Admission of Guilt by USA law -> See, e.g. Libretti v. U.S., 516 U.S. 29 (1995).


It's not bulling. And those forum rules are just stupid. Especially when EA doesn't give a damn about hacking reports. No one even reads them.


PS. Second best player had 2 kills.

PPS. There is no rule saying that I can't say that rules are stupid.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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at this point it should be obvious, that EA does not care about cheaters. aren't cheaters giving EA money too? yes they are, so that is all EA cares about.
and implementing any kind of cheat protection surely will not be free of charge for EA. so its a loose-loose situation for them, I can see the logic in that.

I have a dream that one day, cheaters will be banned for cheating. that all players will be playing the same honest game.

Yes, I have a dream TODAY!
I have a dream, that one day when I launch my game, I can be confident that all players, willing to cheat or not, will HAVE TO play the same honest game.
that then, the distinction between cheaters and honest players will become obsolete.

Yes EA,
This is my hope, and this is the faith that I go back into the game with. Every single time.
Please do not fail me!

For my dream to become true I have some suggestions:

Please give us a "spectator mode". if we can watch the players we think are cheating in game, we could refine our judgement on the basis of true facts and a ban would become inevitable.

And if you do not want to loose your cheating customers I got a solution to this as well, and you will love it!
just make separate servers for cheaters and honest players!
so the cheaters can rage about other cheaters, and honest players play their honest game.

What utopian thoughts do I have, you -@EA- might think...

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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Actually banning cheaters brings them money. Because cheater has to buy a game again to play it.

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