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Re: Stop the hackers!!

by Epsilon_Leader

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Stop the hackers!!

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As of late i have been meeting more and more cheaters using a third-party software hack in both GA and SA. I wont display the webpage which distributes this hack because i dont want them to have more traffic then they already have.

Maybe some of you already know about this page. 


This has just become an increasingly problem over the last weeks. More and more often i meet hackers in game. It started like once every week, now twice a day. And i often even meet the same profile that used the hack in game even though me and everyone else in the game at that time reported this person for using a third party software. If this trend doesnt turn very soon, im afraid im going to leave this game untill the issue subsides. It completely ruins the game experience. The game becomes totally unplayable because the person using this hack can shoot through wall, shoot you from the other side of the map and completely own the game with over 100 eliminations. 



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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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I went into 3 different matches in a row all with different hackers. 2 wall hackers and an obvious head shot aim bot. It's sad but my game usually crashes after every other game anyway so what can you do?

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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Cheating has been prevalent in these types of games since battlefield 3....if not sooner. What's frustrating is it is so clear to all of us who is hacking, but we report and then a week or two later I end up being in a game with the same person. How do they continue to even have an Origin account? Much less even make it into a certain game anymore.
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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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last weekend i cant even play cause of the hackers...wall hack ....head named....raged quited

how u supossed you are stay hide, very hide and safe out of the group combat and some punk in a officer class go upon you straight and shoot you !


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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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It happens to me too! I see the same reported cheaters over and over and nothing happens to them!. Exactly as Battlefront 1, Why EA dont bring us a new anticheat system? or a quickly report system instead of SHIFT+F1,>Add a Friend>Type Name>Report User?. There are too many of them and I feel like I wasted my money again. this is not good.

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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Look like EA tests new policy - "completely ignore bugs and cheaters, stupid gamers will pay anyway even if we splash them with * instead of game".
Just hope most people could learn and next EA games will fail to sale.
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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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@Epsilon_Leader if you are in a round, you can hit esc>scoreboard then click on the players name and you'll get a button on your screen for "view profile" and you can start reporting from there. It's a tad easier than typing player names and remembering them.
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Re: Stop the hackers!!

[ Edited ]
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All my posts about hacking have been deleted by the moderators!


Apparently it's ok to be a hacker in this game and they won't do anything about it!


But if you "name and shame" the hackers then all of a sudden that's a major offence and they'll take action against you!


And even when you do report them in the "correct way", nothing happens!


It would literally be exactly the same if the Police said, "It's OK to murder people! We won't arrest murderers! BUT, if you 'name and shame' a murderer then we'll arrest you!"



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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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I have been several matches with that same POS.  He had 108 kills with 54k score yesterday.  Everyone else was in the teens or twenties.  

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Re: Stop the hackers!!

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The cheaters making the game really unplayable.

Everybody is talking about the glitches or overpowered weapons, but for the game cheaters are the biggest problem.


I play on the PC and I’m for sure that 50% of the players, who are still playing, using cheats. Maybe even more.


To be honest…. Because of all the reading about the cheaters in the game I was curious and I tried out one last week. It’s really easy to find (first hit on Google) and install it.

Everybody can spot cheaters; high ranks, strange shots, confronting them on the chat without getting a reaction back, finding you directly when you’re in a strange place of the map etc.

But when you’re using a cheat you can see the people walking around, how they react. You be shocked how many people are using a cheat. I was overwhelmed and shocked to see how much people using one and that it really destroyed a lot of fun of the game by me after seeing this. Because of this, i’m not really in the mood of playing the game a lot (what I did before). Because I know a lot of players are cheating. And they don’t care they are cheaing. They just want the points and be the biggest gorilla of the bunch. Complainers like me are just criers etc according to them.

The worst cheaters aren’t even the 60 + kill players. It’s the group below them. The group who pretend to be a normal player, staying low profile.


I read a lot of old treats and forms about this subject, people who are claiming to see players over and over again after being reported. Only thing read back as comment on that is that there can’t be any shaming. I totally agreed you can’t do this, but the frustrating isn’t only from this game, it already started in BF1 and how longer it takes, how more frustrating it gets. Especially because players have the feeling the company of the game don’t care.

As mentioned before it’s really easy to find and download a cheat, so If it’s so easy to download it, I think it should be easy to make an anti-cheat program for it.

I think when you have a good anti-cheat program the complaining about over powered weapons will also be lower because, because a lot of kills looks like due to the weapon but in real it was a one/two-shot-cheat.


Win-Win situation for players and developers in short and long term playing (for this and every game).



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