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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

by TTZ_Dipsy

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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

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@PureWhiteWitchYes I understand that no piece of software is perfect but it's a shame that Battlefield and BFV in particular are so badly affected (more than any other title I've ever played in 30 years of gaming on both PC and Console).

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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

@Adman_Tor  I think the big issue in BFV is on peoples PCs and the junk programs they install or settings done and in turn it all makes issues in BFV. The only issue I get in BFV is since last patch its a endless loop of death until someone gets me up lol semi funny bug lol. I just lol as I know they will fix it so its no big deal to me and I have only gotten it twice now. I am not saying BFV is 100% stable its not yet but settings and programs windows updates and new drivers come into play in my mind among  other things like PC parts. When you look at BFV vs other games BF games win hands down with how complex the game is so I see this as a reason why the game has more problems then others just my view.


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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

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@PureWhiteWitchWell looking over the thousands of threads on this forum - I could likely throw together a pretty long list of current bugs/technical issues with the game. Certainly well over a dozen currently affecting my game play on PS4.

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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

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 I never had these issues on Xbox One X until the last patch. I have played both Bf4 and Bf1 this past week and they are smooth as can be. Immediately switch to Battlefield V and stutters and major FPS drops persist.

its obvious that this is simply a Netcode/SERVER ISSUE! It would be nice if the Dev team would just acknowledge this and let us know it is being FIXED!

Thank you to @EA_Atic  for your help and involvement with this big problem so many seem to be experiencing!

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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

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This is happening on regular PS4 as well though I'm not having nearly as many problems as a lot of other people. This stutter is awfully similar to the one back in BF1 which was related to assignment tracking - it bogs the game down trying to do extra, and often unnecessary, calculations. The team is definitely aware of the issue as many reports from all media fronts have been posted; if it's not fixed in the upcoming patch, I'm positive the next one will seal the deal

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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

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@xTWENTYxONEx @TTZ_Dipsy  - I can't believe that it's been 21 days (3 weeks!) Since the major stuttering entered the game and STILL no word on if/when it will be fixed. One of the most major bugs to be in the game and still a problem after 3 weeks...

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Re: Still MAJOR stuttering after recent UI update.

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@PureWhiteWitchI have been playing games for at least that long. Obviously games have become much more complex in development, graphics, coding, communication, etc. However, over the past decade or more production companies/developers are pushing unfinished/unpolished products. They are releasing games with bugs, performance issues, crashes, balance, etc. that are game breaking. Neither PC or console games used to be this bad off. These days it seems that they push a name, hype up a game and release it hoping to just pull in a lot of quick cash... The games are almost never fixed like they should be and then they release part 2. It is unfortunately a sad state for the industry to be in, especially with the type of technology that there is available for quality game development. Seem like it has become more about making as much money as possible at the expense of customer satisfaction. 

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