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Star wars wont download

by snowdrakesp

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Star wars wont download

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Started the download on my hdd number 1,

Download went in error at 81%, and keep popping up error after reboot and other try,

So i decided to change game files 81/100%  to HDD number 2,

obviously they both have the reuired game space,

Changed the file directory, started the file verification, and completed, after that it start the download but it is stuck at 0 b/s

Those are the following problem solving i tried

Connection problem? No, apex update succesfully upgraded no errror

Hdd space? No it has space. I also tried on another ssd, same error.

I tried to fllow all the lines that assistance game ve, cache, appdata programdata and  unistall reinstall reboot  and bla bla bla, no changes

So, i dont want to reinstall 75 GB, what the hell should i do?

Thank you so much for the help, sorry about poor english, ask everything you need but please DONT BE REPETITIVE


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Re: Star wars wont download

Community Manager
Hey @snowdrakesp, a quick question are you downloading form Origin or EPIC, Steam?



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