Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Basic Troubleshooting Guide

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Basic Troubleshooting Guide

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Welcome to the Technical Issues section of the STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes boards. High five

Before we start troubleshooting - Player ID/Ally Code:


Sometimes EA Help Advisors may need to locate your account to help out and these codes are needed to do that. We'd advise players to take a note of your Player ID or Ally code down for your own record keeping while you're still in your game, just in case you ever need to provide it. Wink



Why should I troubleshoot my issue?

  1. Most technical issues experienced can be remedied by performing some basic troubleshooting steps, including clearing various glitches and more. 
  2. By performing the basic troubleshooting steps, it will help narrow down the potential root cause of the issue.

So it's essential to troubleshoot for these reasons.



How can I troubleshoot for STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes?


Depending on the device you play STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes on, the troubleshooting steps will differ. The EA Help team have created EA Help articles to guide you through those steps:


I've performed these steps but I'm still experiencing technical issues


If these steps aren't helping with your issue, we may need to gather some specifics. 

  1. Hit up the "Search" function at the top of the page for existing threads on your issue. Let us know if the issue  in that thread is also affecting you by selecting the "Me Too" button under the first post and then commenting with additional information.  
  2. Can't see an existing thread? You can create a new technical issues thread here by just clicking on the "New Topic" tab on the Technical Issues page or this hyperlink to be redirected to the 'Compose a thread' page to share that with the community.
  3. Alternatively you can get in contact with our EA Help Advisors directly for assistance. This EA Help article will detail how to create an EA Help support ticket. 

You could also be experiencing an in-game bug. If you feel like you've encountered an in-game bug, please check for an existing Bug Report. If there isn't one open on your bug, please make a Bug Report in the Bug Report section. Bug reports help us to compile information, better track bugs and communicate any updates to the community so we'd encourage reporting on bugs and selecting "Me Too".


*Accept as Solution button- If a post answers your question please let us and other players know by hitting this button.
*Me Too button - 'Me Too' helps us track how many players are also experiencing that issue. Definitely make use of this button.
*XP button - Say Kudos and help players 'Level Up' by giving them XP for helpful posts.

Please only DM me if I've asked you to, or in the case of highly sensitive content. General questions/issues/topics are best shared on the forum where others can take part/benefit from the responses/solutions/workarounds

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