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Re: Stability seems better on ps4

by RubenMart1n

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Stability seems tiny bit better on ps4

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I know some people are still having connectivity issues, but I’ve noticed a big improvement. I was having a ton of problems before today, but in the past few hours just a couple. I think the devs are working their way through the issues (thank you, devs). If you’re still having problems hopefully it will come good for you soon.

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Re: Stability seems better on ps4

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dude, i cant play the game like 10 days cuz of error retrieveing pilot data bla bla.


but suddenly, i tried and played the game on saturday like 3 hours with zero problem.


but again suddenly, i stucked dat errors saturday's night. and still unplayable. 


last 10 days, the servers allowed me to play 3ish hours. 


dont trust dat servers.


edit: PC

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Re: Stability seems better on ps4

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Yeah. I guess it’s going to be a problem for a while yet. I do think it is getting marginally better... for now

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Re: Stability seems better on ps4

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Good for you. The game became unplayable to me since Saturday, thanks to pilot error and connection error overall. If I'm lucky I can do one mission in 2 hrs, but after it's done I'll disconnect and the Loot is gone. There has nothing improved, the opposite is true to me. Before the game was playable for me, now it isn't. 

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Re: Stability seems better on ps4

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Fair enough. I figured it would still be bad for a lot of people. I just posted this to give them a little hope, lol. That said, I am still disconnecting (freeplay is the worst), just doesn’t seem to be as frequent

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Re: Stability seems better on ps4

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Hahaha, just disconnected three times in a row. Maybe it’s not that much better. Dammit

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