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Squad Battles Inconsistent Difficulty

by milamber182

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Squad Battles Inconsistent Difficulty

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So recently I've been playing most games on World Class. I can usually win 2 to 3 matches out of every 4.


Today however my results (my squad has Team Rating - 83 / Team Chem - 100):


5-0 Loss on World Class (Opposition: Rating - 81 / Team Chem - 100)

4-0 at Half-Time on Professional so I forfeited the match (Opposition: Rating - 83 / Team Chem - 100)

5-0 Win on Semi-Pro with a different squad with identical ratings  (Opposition: Rating - 84 / Team Chem - 76)


It's not so much that the opposition was harder than usual (although the first 2 teams were more aggressive in their offense) more that my team were playing like they had much lower team and chem ratings. Missing simples passes and through balls, being easily beat while containing, poor marking and positioning, weak shooting.


Not sure if it was input lag on the controller, if my team was somehow nerfed or the opposition team was playing smarter and better than usual but it just didn't feel right and the results back that up.

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