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by MajchiDaFrog

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Hello. I just wanted to point out the issue i have with sound in this game. It has been happening since the first event came out. I cant hear enemy footsteps not just in a fight but litteraly when someone is behind me or next to me. A month back i could hear them normally my teammates were actually asking me what headset i use ( cheap one) i really heard them in a normal range now a guy ziplines behind my back and starts shooting me and ofc i die cuz my reflex is not as it used to be when i was younger. Another thing is these side sounds now are just too loud the dino sound the ring sound supply ship everything is way way too loud. This is a battle royale game overall they are build on good sound and the priority of BR games are footsteps of enemies so i would really really advise u to take a deep look at this. As i have read this forum there is just way too many people complaining about this issue to not be resolved soon. And a non topic thing season 2 is great except for the guns power. U can not compare a p2020 to a havoc or an r99 or even make it better than LMG an ARs u just cant. U should have left the weak guns as they are maybe just add a lil more dmg and a bigger mag for them. Its really dumb i die to a mozambiqe while i crazy shoot with a fully loaded r99 and do 5hs to the guy and nothing. And a question for all why do i die in a matter of seconds when i play lifeline? Did u change her dmg too? Thanks for ur answers. GG to all

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