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Re: Sound issues and very bad spatial sound

by liunate

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Sound issues and very bad spatial sound

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Hello everybody,


I've already seen a few threads that have a similar problem but none of the solutions helped me.


I have a new PC and a Supreme FX S1220 audio chip. First of all, the menu sounds are very quiet but the shots are much too loud.

In addition, the spatial sound is really bad. I can only hear very late where an opponent is.

For example, when I'm in a building, I can't even tell whether the opponent is below or above me.

I play with a Sennheiser Game One in stereo mode.

My old PC didn't have these problems, but I have already tested friends with the same bad sound.


i use the actual drivers.


Is that normal?

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Re: Sound issues and very bad spatial sound

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Did you manage to fix this?


I also just built a brand new PC with an external HyperX Amp sound card. Sound works perfectly in windows(tested with youtube 7.1 surrounding, windows built-in surrounding test), perfectly in lobby but in game each single gunshot BLAST my ears and other sounds are pretty faint.


I tested several combinations but none of them help.

- Use motherboard built-in stereo audio output

- Change to another speaker or headphone

- restart computer

- uninstall drivers, restart computer and install drivers again

- Configure my HyperX Amp sound card to just stereo

- Delete the settings.cfg(see below) 


What I noticed interesting is the C:\Users\liuna\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\local\settings.cfg where at the bottom  sound_num_speakers "2" points out apex is forcing the stereo audio output. After deletion and enter lobby, audio settings shows "7.1 surrounding" is being used. But then start a game, then exit apex program, it generates the config file with the same "2" all the time regardless current active windows sounds device.


Also I noticed with system device 7.1 surrounding, in game the audio quality is crappy(this could because of the "2" mentioned above).


So to me the lobby works fine, sound quality is good but in game it craps and forces the stereo "2" along with the misery BLASTING gunshot noise.

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