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Re: Sound is not like it used to be

by EA_Darko

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Sound is not like it used to be

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Saturday I had a normal day playing, heard everything I usually do, I was able to pin point position of the enemy and I always heard them coming. Sunday i didnt play, so Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday I have problem hearing all kind of stuff.


Sometimes enemy is much closer than he should be based on the sound  their steps make , like his steps are heard like he is dozen meters away, but in reality he is right next to me.


Sometimes steps aren't heard at all or they are muffled and weak in comparison to before(Saturday for me).


Generally I hear them weaker than before and it is much harder for me to pinpoint the location of enemy and his exact position than I used to even when I hear them.



Please do say if someone else reported this or am I just tripping , and yes I double checked all my settings and everything is same as it used to be.

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Re: Sound is not like it used to be

Community Manager

A few users were reporting similar issues @nemanjapn and in most cases, it turned out to be a simple settings issue.


Can you endure that your audio output settings in-game and on your device match your audio receiver? If you have for example a stereo set up you need to ensure that audio is not outputting in surround.


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Re: Sound is not like it used to be

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I didnt change anything since I started playing the game, not my windows setting, not my ingame settings. I use headphones and ingame in the settings it says Headphones/Stereo and that option I cant change. I use Realtek drivers and never had any problems with them. By they way I did specify that in Saturday i didnt have any problems.


On another post I asked why r5apex.exe controls ligthing in my mouse, sound and lighting thing arent really connected but it is really annoying that I cant stop it or change it

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Re: Sound is not like it used to be

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I'm coming for you friend Standard smile

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