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Sound Keeps going out...crashing


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Sound Keeps going out...crashing

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When is this issue going to be addressed it happens fairly often and its hard to play when you have no audio in game at all. Tough it out finish what ever it is I am currently doing then have to restart the game. First week i was like well this is a new game so this happens. Second week and most everyone I play with has this happen we are all friends and we roll full squad and its almost guaranteed one of us will lose sound during what ever it is we are doing. Can you please fix this?

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Re: Sound Keeps going out...crashing

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I have encountered the same on XBox. Odd thing is it messes up the console sound until the game is turned off. All Xbox system sounds echo like they are coming from a can.

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Re: Sound Keeps going out...crashing

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I wanted this game to be epic. But all these problems are ridiculous. Sound still going out is a major fail at this point
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Re: Sound Keeps going out...crashing



The team is aware of this issue, and hopefully it will be addressed in an upcoming Patch/Update.


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