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Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

by Firestream175

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Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

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Product: Mass Effect Andromeda
What edition do you have? Deluxe Edition
Physical Disc or Digital version? Digital Based Install
Summarize your bug I get stuck in slowmotion after i use the scanner or objects (like doors, terminals etc.) on Eos. Ryder and also the Nomad move way slower then before or slower than the NPCs. You only can get rid of it by saving and then reloading. DxDiag:
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
How long has this issue been happening? Always Happens
Please select your region
Run the network benchmark and post your upload and download speeds.
What company provides your internet service?
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I don't know how to replicate the bug
What is the AMD or Nvidia Model Number of your graphics card? Inno3D Geforce GTX 1070
Please enter memory size in GB. 16GB

It's pretty gamebreaking so it would be great if you could fix it

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

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Seems to happen in MP too, just had a match that was 90% slow-motion.

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

★★★★ Novice

I too have experienced the multiplayer version of this bug, entire match was in slow motion. no Idea what caused it. 

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

★★★★ Novice

Dying @ baywatch bug. I've experienced this mostly in multiplayer shortly before the game freezes without FPS drop. Origin still works. Also have had this happen during cinematics. Dialogue stops and i have to wait like 10 min for it to continue.

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

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★★★★★ Novice

Getting this very frequently in Multiplayer.  Makes it pretty much unplayable.

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

★★★★ Novice

You can minimize the game and then reopen it. Worked for me as a temporary solution to fix the bug without restarting the game.

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

★★★★ Novice

A few other threads had the consensus that ASUS "gamefirst" software was causing some issues such as freezing even if it's not running... for some reason. I had it and uninstalled it and i was getting freezes and haven't had a freeze since. The multiplayer while having less slow downs after, still runs like hot garbage. Hopefully this helps someone.

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

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Didnt get this in four hours of gameplay. Then I go to Eos and boom slowmotion animations.


Weirdly when I get my scanner out I can move normaly again but when I put the scanner away I sprint slower than I walk with it out...

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

★★★★★ Newbie

It happens if you exit the Nomad or if you use the main menu as well. Alt-tabbing out and back in fixes it.

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Re: Slowmotion- or "Baywatch"-Bug

★★★★ Novice

It started after I played MP and it spread so SP. That was an interesting detail for me. And for some god knows why reason pressing F1 stopped it, I think.

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