Sims mobile robbed me

by doraablk777

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Sims mobile robbed me

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I completed the sims baby quest and so it says now have a baby so I clicked on it and it popped up conceive plan for baby which takes 3 days so I rushed it and it started all over again I need my 104 sim cash back because I completed the steps and spent the cash rushing an event I shouldn’t have because it says click on bassinet and have a baby and then when I go to click on it it says conceivable plan for baby like basically wants me to do it all over again so I spent 104 rushing because I didn’t wanna wait 3 days and I stfg it started all over

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Re: Sims mobile robbed me

@doraablk777 Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did you tap the baby bassinet or the baby changing table? The baby bassinet should have only the option to get babies, and it should not (re)start the baby quest.

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