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Sim festival pass upgrade

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I recently went to purchase the festival pass on the spring forward festival


i tried three times and it said no money was taken.

my card has been charged 2 times and an email from apple to say one has gone through, but still i have not got the festival pass unlocked!! 
i am now getting worried as apple said it cant get refunded and EA support want desktop screen shots… i dont even own a desktop!! 


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Re: Sim festival pass upgrade

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@ellharris95 Hi there. The exact thing happened to me and no one is getting back to me from ea. last year I stopped playing because something like this happened to about a money tree. Hope this can get resolved for us. Good luck
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Re: Sim festival pass upgrade

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I can’t purchase packs, I did get the festival pass but cannot get anything else not even fee items. I have a ticket in but they have been no help in repairing the game. Now this morning the game is back to not opening. 

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