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Re: Severe battery drain For iOS??

by Yazhiyan

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Severe battery drain For iOS??

★★★★ Newbie

With recent update, game is drawing tremendous power. I was at 75% and within 10 minutes phone shut down when I reached 10%. Even the phone said it couldn’t handle the unexpected drain and had to shutdown.  Any info???

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Re: Severe battery drain For iOS??

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Phone crashes almost  immediately upon entering battles no matter the battery level. When phone reboots, battery is always at 10%. iPhone 7 running current iOS as of post. 

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Re: Severe battery drain For iOS??

EA Live QV Team

Hey @Hawkins-8814 thanks for reaching out. Sorry you're facing this issue. Do you have other applications running in the background? Can you send me your Persona ID, found in Settings > About and I will look into this on our end. Please note that there has been issues regarding battery depletion on the latest iOS regardless of what app is running but let's see if we can find anything of note, specifically regarding the crashes. Thanks!

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Re: Severe battery drain For iOS??

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ID# 1003734474585.  I’ve been running this current iOS for quite a while with no battery issues. Thanks for checking into it. 

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Re: Severe battery drain For iOS??

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It cant be for sure after what update its kept on consuming so much of battery, but its due to C&C I can tell you. Cos i dont use my phone for any other gaming stuff or editing any photo/video that might be the reason. Mine is Honor View 10 128Gb, my ingame accnt #XQcJGGyN

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Re: Severe battery drain For iOS??

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Same issue with mine too. I tried 3 different iOS devices and all gets drained up very quickly and the devices heats up a lot. Its been like this for past 3-4 weeks. I noticed right after an update for Rivals. I don’t get same issue with other apps, i tried multiple scenarios. I have to delete the game from my phone and use only on iPad. Even there it heats up quick. Draining in battery is something that can be managed. Heating up like this is tough. Can you please look into it ? Let me know for more details. Appreciate it. Thanks!

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